Friday, 27 August 2010

Learning functions in a networked enterprise

Many L&D consultants are concerned with the enabling and facilitation of learning in the networked and collaborative working age. We are busy working out how to re-frame L&D to add value to the enterprise in the new environment. Charles Jennings presents some useful ideas in this recent blog What is clear is that there will need to be a completely fresh look at the business processes and activity streams of L&D functions, together with new profiles, skill sets and organisational arrangements for the L&D professional.

How to use social media in your job - free course

Jane Hart has turned her incredibly useful guide on using social media at work into a 30 day free course which will start on 1st of each month. All you have to do is sign up and then wait for the e-mail guidance, instruction and assignments each day. If you can't do September - there is always October, November .......
I've been coached by Jane - there is no one better!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

An interesting take on managing culture from Ed Schein

Ed Schein is one of the great gurus of change management. In this article he suggests that it is a fruitless exercise striving for a unified corporate culture. Rather we should be concentrating on optimising the culture in the "islands" of the business - and getting the islands to work together towards common corporate goals. This is a very different approach from the perceived wisdom of OD over the lest 30 years where the emphasis has been on change programmes aimed at aligning the whole organisation to a single culture. Many of us who have worked with Execs to try to facilitate this kind of proces know just how difficult and slow it is. Maybe it is much better to treat change in the way Tom Peters talked about authority - clear boundaries, but total internal freedom.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

First posting - up and running!

This is one of many places where you might find insight into 21st century ways of workplace collaboration.

I am researching and making sense of thought leaders inputs to provide practical ways of encouraging personal discovery and maximising human potential.

I will be posting links, comments and my own insights as I find them and move my thinking forward. Please use them and share your own discoveries with me.

I am excited by the exponential growth in learning modalities and the ways in which they enable the Kolb Learning Cycle

I am looking at ways in which organisations are embracing the change to social collaboration, and their change processe in achieving it