Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Collaborative working in our networked world is seen as one of the most important ways forward in Smart Working – the key survival tool for individuals and enterprises in the period ahead. 

How that collaboration is achieved and how it is enabled to grow and thrive are key questions.  The ability to learn and to learn through sharing are essentials of our new world. These are challenges faced by Executives and in turn by professionals in the L&D space.  

Performance support consultants, L&D professionals, academics and many others in addition to line managers are all striving for ways to help people learn to the best of their ability, finding their way through an often bewildering sea of methodologies, platforms and overwhelming information. 

Noddlepod is a new presence that may well become a leader as a space for organising and collaborating in learning. Today Noddlepod takes a further step in inviting us to experience it.

I have been aware of its development for a while now and have become increasingly excited by its potential.  Noddlepod has applicability in two key areas of learning.  It puts an easy to use tool in the hands of  the individual to get a real and systematic grip on all of their learning, capturing, planning and reflecting.  Potentially more important, it creates a space for individuals learning and working in the same areas to pool their experience, organised through a common framework.  

Noddlepod has potential for use in learning communities (academic or at work) and in communities of practice in the workplace. A key area where I see huge potential for its application is in leadership development where it has the potential to become the glue to hold together long-term action development initiatives – across disciplines, companies and even globally. 

But enough from me! Why not spend a few seconds viewing this amusing little animation and then visiting Noddlepod, take the tour, visit the blog and try it for yourself?

By the way – I don’t have any commercial connection with Noddlesoft – I am writing this simply because I am impressed by the potential of the product and the depth of thinking that has conceived it.  Well done to Ollie and Steve Gardener!

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